Feringa Johnson Residence

Feringa Johnson Residence

The owners had purchased the house and lot with the intention of demolishing the unremarkable little building and constructing a new house on the lot. However, when the economic health of the nation turned for the worst, the plans for the property were reevaluated. We were asked to study the existing house and find a way to transform the building into a functional and comfortable home and transform the exterior to create a handsome and respectful neighbor to the many historic homes in the town. In order to improve the scale and presence of the house on the street we created a partial second floor addition within a new gable roof that organizes the front fa├žade. A guest bedroom and small office occupy the upper level. The site was also cleared of outbuildings and questionable additions by previous owners to provide space to more effectively expand the house and to create exterior living and play spaces.


  • Type : Addition & Renovation
  • Location : Glen Echo, MD
  • Completed : 2013
  • Contractor: McFarland Woods Construction
  • Photography : Hoachlander Davis Photography